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Raspberry Pi – first (XBMC) impressions

Last week I received my Raspberry Pi, after three months of waiting. In short: it was worth the wait. I first installed Debian 6 from Farnell’s (where I bought my Pi) OS Download Center. I did not play much with Debian, so I did not get a good impression of it. The OS seemed pretty usable on the Pi, though I experienced some hickups while browsing (using the default browser, I couldn’t find a package for Chrome). Read on for my first impressions with it and a video demonstrating the Pi’s movie playback capability.


Installing OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi

OpenELEC suggests building the OS yourself. I did not want to go through the hassle of doing that, so I tried some pre-compiled images and then upgraded to the latest build. Disclaimer: this is what I did to get it running (there might be a faster way, but this works for me).